Wednesday, September 14, 2005

We're leaving tomorrow, so this will be my last post until we come home on Monday. Abby developed a small rash around her mouth a couple of days ago, so I called her pediatrician's office today just to be on the safe side. She's had a pimpley rash on her chin and jaw for a while now, but that's just from drooling so much so I haven't been concerned about it. This was different. It looked similar to the eczema spot she had for a long time where her neck meets her shoulder, but worse. It was white and crusty-looking. When I described it to the nurse on the phone, he said it sounded like it might be impetigo, so he thought I should bring her in. Thankfully, it was just more eczema, so we're to put some mild hydrocortisone cream twice a day like we did on the other spot. Once it goes away, I'm to put vaseline on her face after she gets cleaned up after meals to keep it from coming back.

The exciting part of going was that they weighed her. She is now 20lbs. 15oz. fully clothed, including diaper. We'll get the official naked weigh-in in a couple of weeks when she goes for her 9-month well-baby visit. Her doctor was pretty surprised to hear how much she's grown. She's gained about 3lbs. since her 6-month visit. I thought babies weren't supposed to gain that much the second half. No wonder she's quickly outgrowing most of her clothes. She's still in a few of her bigger 6-9 month stuff, but even some of her 9-12 month stuff has already been put away. She easily fits into her 12-18 month clothes from Old Navy.


Maureen said...

Good luck on your flight! Don't be too nervous.If you have trouble just remember it's only a couple of hours out of your life and you will never see those people again. If you get real desperate, buy a lollipop (one she wouldn't be able to swallow, of course) on your layover. Connor had one when he got his first haircut and I have never seen him so still and quiet.

Tara said...

Happy Birthday Brandi.. (on the 18th)
Miss you bunches!!!

Brandi said...

Thanks Tara!