Friday, September 09, 2005

Next week, Abby and I will be flying to California to visit some of my family. I'm pretty nervous because not only will it be Abby's first flight, but I'll be flying alone with her. We didn't buy her a ticket because it would've been too expensive. Plus, we'll only have a 40-minute layover on the way there, so I'll have to hurry up to get to the next plane. I think that's what I'm most nervous about. I'd love to hear any and all suggestions about how to make this go as smoothly as possible. This is what I've learned from reading other parent blogs with traveling kids:

*Pack a couple new toys that she's never seen before to keep her entertained.

*Pack an extra set of clothes for both of us because Murphy's Law dictates that if I don't, Abby will have the mother of all accidents.

*Abby's never cared for the Bjorn, so I'll be using the umbrella stroller because it's lighter and easier to maneuver. I can check that at the gate.

*Feed her or give her a pacifier to suck during take-off and landing to relieve the pressure in her ears.

*Bring baby Benadryl in case of a total metldown, but test it beforehand because it makes some babies hyper instead of sleepy.

Anything else?


Maureen said...

Wear slide on/off shoes, b/c it is hard to carry a toddler, a baby bag, unfold a stroller and TIE your shoes after coming out of the security line (i mad this mistake).

Wear a backpack instead of a shoulder bag, it's easier to get down the aisle of the plane.

If you can, get a portable DVD player. Connor sat like a little angel and watched Baby Einstein throughout our entire plane ride. The other passengers were very appreciative. I'm not a big fan of alot of TV for children, but for a plane trip, I say bring out the big guns.

Good Luck!

Brandi said...

Thanks Maureen! I hadn't even thought of the fact that they make you take your shoes off now. Great tip! I'm not so sure the DVD player would work for Abby yet. She's only interested in television for about 5 minutes at a time. We'll be travelling again for Christmas, so that will probably be something we look into for that trip.