Wednesday, September 28, 2005

9-Month Checkup

Today was Abby's 9-month well baby visit. She is officially 20lbs. 4.5 oz. and 30.5 inches long. She is literally OFF THE CHART in height!

Her doctor was impressed by how much she is growing and developing. Abby did really well with the two shots. The first, she barely flinched, but she did cry for the second one until I picked her up. They also poked her toe to draw blood to test her iron level. Apparently, she's a little low, but her doctor said they've had 3 patients recently that have shown up low on their screen, only to have normal results from a CBC test. She was pretty surprised by the results because Abby is a terrific eater and is on iron-rich formula now. I have to take her to the hospital tomorrow to have the lab work done. If she is iron-deficient, we'll have to give her an iron pill, which her doctor said was a real pain. She went through it with her daughter, and she said administering it was a 2-parent job.

Last week, I noticed a weird spot on Abby's upper gums. It was swollen and white with a little piece of gum hanging from the center of the white spot. This was on her right side about where the tooth next to the front one would be. She had another, much smaller spot on the left side at about the same place. I thought maybe it was a tooth coming through, but I didn't feel anything. Abby didn't seem to be in any discomfort because of it and she had no other symptoms, so I didn't worry about it since she was going to the doctor today anyway. They both healed within a few days too. Sure enough, her doctor felt a tooth coming through where each spot had been. Abby's going to be a redneck baby! She'll have the 2 teeth on top next to her front teeth, but no front teeth. We're going to have to change her name to Rodney. He was a truck driver at my grandfather's moving company who was missing his 2 front teeth.


Maureen said...

She can hang out with Connor, he has a gap between his two top front teeth that is just about as wide as one tooth!

Brandi said...

Maureen, would you mind giving me your email address? You'll find mine in the profile. Congratulations on Connor walking!!