Tuesday, June 24, 2008

31 Weeks

I had an uneventful cervical check last week; holding steady at 3cm. Today's appointment was great! My cervix is now up to 3.21, so I avoid bedrest again! And, my regular ob is on vacation, so I met with the nurse practitioner instead. She'd requested the ultrasound tech check the babies' heartbeats so I was able to get a quick peek at them too. There's not a whole lot to see at this point since they're out of room, but it's still good peace of mind. Plus, we were able to see that they're both head down now! Let's just hope they stay that way!

My prenatal appointment was pretty quick since I'm doing so well and we'd already checked heartbeats. My blood pressure is up to 136/70, but that's good. That's pretty much where I should be at this point. I'm also up 2lbs., putting my total weight gain up to 23lbs. This is the best diet ever! I eat like crazy and don't gain much weight. Finally, the belly still measured 37 weeks, the same as 2 weeks ago. The NP wasn't worried, though, since the babies are doing so well.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I forgot to mention yesterday that my belly measured at 37 weeks at my ob appointment. I officially look like I'm full-term!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

29 Weeks

Great news! My cervix grew this week, so I get to avoid bedrest one more week. Last week, it was just under 3 cm and today it was right at 3. My doctor was impressed at how well I'm doing, so unless my cervix starts causing problems again I won't be going on bedrest until about 32 weeks. I still have to take it easy and rest as much as possible, though, so my cervix doesn't shorten again. My bp was 120/72, so hopefully that will continue to not be an issue too.

I also gained 2lbs. in 2 weeks, putting my total weight gain at only 21 lbs. I never expected to gain so little weight while carrying twins! Nor did I expect I'd actually have to work at gaining weight! I've never been one who can eat anything and not gain weight, until now.

I have this huge mole on my cheek, about 2 finger-widths from my ear. Over the weekend, I noticed it suddenly got hard, raised, and crusty. I mentioned it to my ob, and he referred me to the dermatologist in the same building. I also have this skin tag on my inner thigh that's a souvenir from my pregnancy with Abby. This time, it's gotten huge and keeps getting caught in my jeans! They were able to get me in this afternoon at the dermatologist's office, so we ended up having a much busier day than I'd planned.

My cheek is fine and the mole doesn't need to be removed unless I want it to. I'm thrilled! I'm a really moley person, so I have a few moles I'm pretty sentimental about and this is definitely one of them. It was rough on me to think I'd have to get it removed. She did find three moles that were questionable, one of which she was really concerned about, so they're all coming off July 1st. At least this time, Abby's old enough to get herself into her booster seat. Thankfully, she did remove the skin tag today. Good riddance!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Friday was baby ultrasound day. Unfortunately, they're getting too big and squished in there to get good pictures, but at least they were able to get the measurements they needed. Baby A (on my right) is tranverse and Baby B (left) is breach. Basically, Trouble is sideways with her head by her sister and Whisper is laying feet first. There should still be time for them to get into position, but if they don't move I'll definitely be having a c-section. Also, Baby A weighs 2lbs. 10oz. and Baby B weighs 2lbs. 11oz. It's interesting that they switched. Last time, A weighed an ounce more than her sister.

We did quite a bit of nesting this weekend. Well, more shopping than anything else, but it was fun to go a little crazy at Babies R Us! I feel better having most of the basic stuff done. There's still a lot more to do, but we're making progress a little at a time.
-Canvas bins are bought and filled for the changing table, although I'm going to need more because I used the ones I bought for the second changing table (for the basement) in their closet.
-Changing table pads and covers are bought and covers washed.
-Car seats have been either cleaned or put together (thanks for the second car seat Mom!)
-Preemie-sized basics have been purchased, washed, and put away along with all the clothes we got at the second shower.
-Diaper bag is ready to go to the hospital.

And a belly shot. I took this yesterday. I'm almost 29 weeks here (28w5d):

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

We have a name!

I'm feeling the pressure to get everything done now that I'm having these cervical issues and bedrest is imminent. I need more time to nest! The crib isn't fully put together yet! I hope we can get the co-sleeper back together! The double stroller's still in the box! We need to clean the swings and bouncers! We don't have "coming home from the hospital" outfits for them yet! My list of crazy goes on and on...

One of the biggest things I'm getting anxious about is that we don't have names for the babies. Finally, we did decide on a name this weekend for whoever's born first. The first baby will be Cora (short for Cornelia!). Once we figure out the other baby's first name, we'll still have to figure out middle names. We do have one we'll definitely be using, but we want to wait until we have a second first name before we commit to using it with Cora.

At the rate we're going, the second baby will be named Ethel after all!

28 Weeks

Today was cervical check day. It's shortening, but apparently not at a rate to send me to bedrest. Yet. Last week, it was over 3, and today it was just under 3. If it's shorter again next week, I'll definitely be looking at bedrest. I'm doing what I can to keep these babies in as long as possible. At least if I did go into preterm labor and they couldn't stop it, the babies have a 90% survival rate now. They'd be in NICU for a long time, but they'd make it. That's a huge weight off my shoulders, but the longer we can hold off delivery the better.

I also got the results from my glucose test today. I wasn't too worried about it since my doctor's office hadn't called. No news is good news, right? Sure enough, I passed with flying colors. The nurse said the normal is range is 60-140, and I was at 92. Phew! That's definitely the test I wanted to pass! Now, I can continue to eat like a horse without having to carefully monitor every bite.

Things are definitely getting tight in my belly. Baby A (on my right) is constantly kicking my ribs and pelvis trying to make more room for herself. We call her Trouble because she kicks so hard is always on the move. Baby B is now Whisper because she doesn't kick nearly as much as her sister. I feel more movement than kicks from her. Already, they're both on different schedules. Trouble is up most of the day, while Whisper tends to be at her most active right as I'm trying to go to sleep. She's up a lot at night when I get up to go to the bathroom too.

Oh sleep, how I miss you! I can't remember the last time I got more than a couple hours of sleep between bathroom breaks. It's only gotten worse the last few weeks too. It doesn't matter what time I go to bed, I spend at least 2-3 hours going to the bathroom every 10 minutes. What's worse is that it takes me that long to try and get comfortable, just to have to get up again. It doesn't seem to stop until I'm so exhausted I finally fall asleep. Rarely before 2. Then, I'm up every hour the rest of the night. On a good night, I get right back to sleep every time. Only 9 more weeks to go.

Babycenter has another picture update for twins this week. Go here to read about their development this week.