Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Cat's Out of the Bag!

Now that everyone knows, I'm allowed to blog about what's going on with us. About a month ago, Damon's company offered him a job in Colorado Springs that we decided to accept. I blogged about it a few weeks ago, but Damon asked me to take it down because he hadn't told his staff about it yet. This wasn't the way he wanted them to find out, but now that they all know I'm allowed to spill the beans. Right after we accepted the offer, we put our house up for sale. The first couple to look at it bought it! It was so nerve-wracking trying to keep it super-clean for people to come look at it anytime. Now we can slack a little for the rest of the month. Damon starts at his new facility the beginning of April, so we close the end of March, and we'll be on the road after that. Hopefully I won't be without internet for too long once we get out there. We'll have all the grandmas breaking down our front door to see Abby!


Rachael said...

Wow! Congrates! Those are some super exciting changes. I am sad that you sold your house though. I loved your house LOL. I know I am sad.
I hope everything goes smoothly with the move. Do you have a house all ready to go in CO?

Mrs. Flinger said...

YEY! WOW! I'm so glad to see someone with a successful house selling. Our experience has been so hard but I like to know it's possible. :-)

Congrats on all the great new changes coming!

Maureen said...

Congratulations! Do you have any family or friends in CO?