Friday, March 24, 2006

A Sad Day

It's been a very emotional day. Firstly, this morning we signed the closing papers on our house. Our house is officially sold. Our realtor came over right after and took the lockbox off the front door. We don't move until next week, but there was something about the lock expiring on Sunday so we had to sign today. We'd originally made the appointment for 4 this afternoon so Damon could just get off work early, sign the papers, then go out for a celebratory/farewell dinner. The title company called to reschedule, though, because the buyers needed to be funded today, so off we went first thing this morning. As we're getting out of the car at the title office, the buyers called with a couple house questions. They also mentioned that they wouldn't have their deposit until first thing Monday morning. Without their deposit, they can't get funded. The buyers are only financing 25% of the house; the rest is being paid cash, and I guess they weren't able to withdraw such a big amount today after all. It's too bad because it would've been nice to have been able to go out to dinner right after. Oh well.

This was the first house that Damon and I bought together. When I met him, he was in the middle of buying a condo, and I eventually moved in with him there. It was a special place because that's where Damon proposed. That's where we came home to after we got married. Still, it always felt like I was living in his house, you know? Damon was wonderful about making feel at home, but it never felt ours to me. On the other hand, I was the one who found this house. We went through the whole process together from the beginning. We furnished it together, and made it ours. Most importantly, we brought Abby home here. This is Abby's hometown, and that made the decision to move so hard.

Secondly, the towing company came by to pick up my Tercel this afternoon. We weren't planning on taking it with us anyway, but right after we accepted this offer in Colorado it broke down. Damon barely got home that day, and it's been sitting in the garage ever since. That clinched it, so we called a charity that we found in the newspaper to come pick it up for donation. This was my first car (well, second. I drove a Renault for a week, but it was so old and almost dead that my mom took pity on me and bought me the Tercel) when I was 16. I've had it almost 12 years. It's been through so much with me; we've been everywhere together. The stories she could tell you! That car went to more proms than I did! Part of me wanted to tell the guy that I changed my mind and I decided to keep it. We could use it as a lawn ornament. I know it was time to let go, though. If I'm having this hard a time saying good-bye to my old car how am I ever going to let Abby go?

P.S. We signed up for a Flickr pro account, so I'm adding a ton of old Abby pictures. Just click on any picture in the sidebar to see the rest of them. I'm only through February right now. This should keep the grandmas happy until we get settled in Colorado.

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Mom said...

Brandi, your story about the Tercel touched me it made me cry! You did a good job taking care of it. On the other hand I realize that I am trying to let go of the twins but it is hard to do so I find myself holding on to them as long as I can and in doing so it creates chaos…

Lots of Love!

Your mom