Saturday, March 04, 2006

Riverfront Park

It was a gorgeous day today, so we took advantage of it and drove downtown to Riverfront Park. First, we rode a gondola down to Spokane Falls.

The gondola goes down first, turns around just past the bridge, then goes back up. See how the gondolas going up are parralel to the ones going down? They stop that way along the way to let you take pictures. During one of those stops, the one next to us had four high school/college girls who had a blast waving and smiling at Abby. Of course, Abby loved the attention.

The Monroe St. Bridge, and a little of the falls.

Abby wasn't all that sure about the grass.

After a few minutes, she remembered that she hates grass.

She also got to swing for the first time. She loved it!


Rachael said...

Man she is such a smiley little butterball. I love it! I laughed so hard at that picture of her crying on the grass. When Gavin was like 9 months old he was so terrified of grass. Now he refuses to walk on it.

Maureen said...

I love the picture where she is bent down inspecting the grass. Very cute!