Monday, February 13, 2006

What a Week!

We've had an extremely busy couple of weeks. First, Damon was offered a position in Colorado within his company. This is the company's second largest facility out of about 400, so it's a huge step up for him. We knew this would happen eventually because this facility was poorly run before his company took over last year, so Damon was asked to go out there 4 times last year to help out. We hadn't really considered it an option before, though. They made Damon an offer we couldn't pass up without considering, though. We were blown away by their offer. The original plan was to go out there last Monday, so Damon could talk to his boss who was out there fixing things, and for me to check out the area and see if it would be a place we'd be happy at. Plans changed, though, because the state is required to do an annual inspection of his current property, and they're due any day. The inspection lasts about 3 days, so if they don't come by early Wednesday, chances are very good they won't be coming that week.

It turned out to be a good thing, though, because I got the call on Sunday that my Gumma, who's been battling cancer for the last couple of years, was losing the fight. So Abby and I hopped on a plane early Monday morning to say goodbye. Unfortunately, my Gumpa called me while I was checking in at the airport that she'd died that morning, so I didn't make it. Someday soon, I'll write up a post about just how much she meant to me, but I'm not ready for that yet.

Abby and I got back from California late Wednesday morning, and the three of us flew to Colorado Thursday morning. We just got back yesterday. The property is beautiful (and huge!) in a beautiful setting in the foothills of the mountains. There are several small houses on the property, so we'd get to live in one of those until we find a house. That would be so much better than the small apartment we were in here. That was my biggest reservation about the move. I kept picturing trying to live in this teeny apartment with Abby. She'd go crazy. The houses are so nice that we're talking seriously about building a house since we'd be able to live there for free as long as we need to. That's always been a dream of Damon's, and we're not planning on moving again, so this would be the best time to do it.

We have so much to do before we move. They're going to want Damon out there very soon, so we're going to be moving quickly. At least Damon's company will pay for movers to come in and pack us and move us out there, so that will be one huge headache we won't have to deal with. It's still going to be very stressful, though.

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pleutim said...

Wow!! Changes! Good luck with the move. How exciting.