Monday, March 06, 2006

Sick Again

Now Damon is sick! Do you know what's interesting? He takes care of us for 3 days straight and never got what Abby and I had. A guy shows up to work sick Friday, and now he's sick. We're hoping it's the same bug that we already had because we don't want it again! The poor guy feels awful. He's had a fever of 101 today, and he's had the chills since yesterday. He just can't seem to get warm. He's going to see the doctor tomorrow. He was supposed to fly to Colorado Springs tomorrow, but he's put that off a day so he can rest and get better.

My back is much better now. I went Friday to get the stitches and staples removed. The nurse said that the "margins were clear," so I'm done. Unfortunately, there was a small mole that was in the way when they cut me the last time, so the doctor sent it to pathology as an "incidental" mole that was no big deal. Well, it had "architectural defects," so now I have to have my moles looked at in a year to make sure they haven't changed. That mole was fine; just shaped funny.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything turned out ok.

Rita said...

I hope that Damon is better and that you and Abby stay well. When Jake came home from work Friday, he was sick. Today he went back to work and I was home with the flu.