Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mark Your Calendars

We got our plane tickets yesterday for Christmas. We'll be in Iowa Dec. 14-19. We'll be there for our wedding anniversary and Abby's birthday. We can't wait to see everybody!

On a completely unrelated note, the other day we were in the car when the topic of turning Abby's car seat around came up. Damon asked when we were supposed to, and I told him 20lbs. AND 1 year. Out of curiosity, I had him look back to see her feet and sure enough, her feet hit the back seat! When she's sitting in her seat, her feet are flat against the back of the seat. I can't believe my baby's going to be a year old next month!

I have been to 3 Targets, 2 malls, TJMaxx, and a Burlington Coat Factory trying to find the right dress for Abby. I had no idea it would be this hard! I finally found what I was looking for (in red) at Mervyn's in the big mall that's 1/2 hour away, so we've only been there a couple of times. The problem? The smallest size they had was a 2T. I bought it anyway in the hopes that it wouldn't be outrageously big since Abby wears 18-months now. The sleeves are way too long and the bodice is a little big, but it's not that bad. My next dilemma is white or black tights?


Maureen said...

My entire family is from Iowa City. It's rare that I ever hear anyone mention Iowa outside of my family, at least here in Florida.

I think black tights would be cute with her dress. This new one is my favorite of all of them. Too cute!

Granda Rita said...

I am so happy that you have airplane tickets!!!! We are so excited. I am going to call Paula.

This is definately the cutest dress. I vote for black tights; but, I bet black for someone Abby's size are going to be hard to find.

Brandi said...

I already bought a pair of white and a pair of black tights earlier this week when I bought her shoes. I was thinking black tights too, but I wasn't sure if it would look too "grown up with the dress." There's no white in the dress, though. Those little dots are little fake diamonds.

Maureen, that's funny! Our midwest families are on the other side of the state and in South Dakota.

Becca said...

The dress is SO ADORABLE!!! I just love it! Great choice! I am totally impressed you all ready have a dress for Christmas, I haven't really even thought about it yet :-)

Brandi said...

Thanks! The only reason I already bought a dress is because we're going to get pictures taken tomorrow. Otherwise, I'd probably be scrambling to find something right before Christmas!