Monday, November 21, 2005

Feels Like Home

Over the weekend, Damon and I did something we'd never done together before. It only took us a year in this house to get to it. We finally hung pictures in our house. Jake's hung a couple of things for us while here (thanks Jake! We really appreciate your help), but this was different. It felt so good to do it ourselves. Neither one of us are handy at all, so we've always been apprehensive about doing even something simple like this. This was no simple project either. We didn't just hang one picture; we hung four. Together. On one wall. It took planning and forethought. And some luck. We are picture hanging masters! We're finally making our house a home.


Abby's going through a weird food phase. She hasn't really become pickier, she just doesn't seem to want to eat as much. Where before she would easily eat a whole waffle and a banana for breakfast, now most of the waffle ends up on the floor. She looks us straight in the eye as she drops her food on the floor too. It's like she's daring us to stop her. She thinks it's hilarious when we clean it up too. She starts dropping her food when she's full, but it takes a lot less food to get her full these days.

There are only two foods that she'll let me spoon-feed her: yogurt and oatmeal. Both have to be of the adult variety, and the oatmeal has to be the old-fashioned kind, not the quick-cooking kind. Over the weekend, I tried to feed her some of my burrito, but she refused to let me get anywhere near her mouth with. Instead, I put some of the filling on her high chair tray, and she devoured it! It had shredded beef, chunky refried black beans, rice, chunky pico de gallo, mild salsa, guacamole (something I never liked until I was pregnant), cheese, lettuce, and sour cream. Abby loved it all. That's my girl!

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Rachael said...

We have been in our hosue almost two years and haven't hung up half the stuff we wanted to. you need to post pictures of your new wall hangings!
I swear Abby and gav could be twins. He throws all his food on the floor. Sometimes he doesn't even try it. I found that if I sit there and hand him one piece at a time, he'll eat more. But man its time consuming!