Saturday, October 29, 2005

Abby Fashion Show

We went in search of a Christmas dress for Abby today because we're going to Sears to have a family picture taken next weekend. I'll be wearing a black top with a green and black skirt, so I was really hoping to find a green dress for Abby. Unfortunately, there were so few to choose from. We went ahead and bought these to see what they would look like on. We hit the mall first, then I went to Target later after seeing these two dresses. That's what I'm looking for, but in green. The Target closest to me only had those dresses in the bigger girl sizes, but I did find this first one that she's wearing. The only problem is that it's purple. I'll probably try the other Targets close by to see if I can find either of those other red dresses later this week.

She was so great while I took pictures of her in the first dress because there was a tag on the sleeve of the shrug that she was fascinated with. She did not want to cooperate at all with the second dress.

I got smart with the third dress and bribed her with a package of unopened Halloween candy. This was our least favorite dress of the three.

Of course, instead of those socks she'll be wearing tights and these adorable black Mary Janes we found at Payless. So, which is your favorite dress?


dee said...

She looks so cute all dressed up!

Grandma Rita said...

She is so cute!!!
Paula likes the first dress.
I like the solid green dress; because the color flatters her skin tone.
Jake like the green and print skirt dress. He thinks it is dressier.
Aren't we a lot of help?
Of coarse she will look beautiful in any of the dresses.

Maureen said...

They are all cute, but I think my fav. might be the last one. Buying dresses is so fun.

I bought Connor's Christmas outfit a couple of weeks ago, but I still haven't tried it on him because he is such a pain to dress and undress. He gets mad unless I find something to distract him.