Monday, November 28, 2005

Let It Snow!

We got our first real snowfall of the season overnight. We've had a couple of nights in the past week where it has snowed, but not enough to stick. They're calling for another 2-4 inches tonight and tomorrow. I need to get Abby a snow suit! I haven't been able to find one in her size.

Our house. It's actually bigger than it looks from the front. I couldn't get a good picture of the back, though.

In Abby news, I forgot to mention that she can clap now. One morning last week, after a round of paddy-cake, she kept clapping! If we start clapping, she'll do it too. She loves it when we clap when she's trying to walk. She always looks back to Damon like "you'd better clap too!"

She can also climb the stairs. I discovered this today when she spit up as we were going down the stairs to the basement. We went back up, got stuff to clean it up, and I set her at the bottom of the stairs so I could see her. She got so upset that she followed me up the stairs. I only let her get up the first couple before I got behind her, but once I was close she didn't want to do it anymore. Later, when we were going back upstairs, I used my phone to entice her and she made it all the way up by herself!


Maureen said...

Those pictures are so pretty. I would love to have a little snow to play in with Connor. We are still having highs in the low 80's here. Most of my holiday memories are of Christmas in shorts.

Your house is beautiful!

Rachael said...

GAH! Your snow is so much prettier then ours. Where are you from again?
And your house, hello I am green with envy, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Now I need to go tell John about how we need to move.

Katie said...

They have some cute snowsuits at That is where we got one for Will


Brandi said...

Maureen--I never had "white Christmases" growing up in California either. I've learned that snow is so pretty as long I don't have to drive in it.

Rachael--Thanks! We're in Spokane, WA. We're actually in the 'burbs in Spokane Valley, which is about half an hour from downtown.

Katie--Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check land's end out. I think that's where I got my diaper bag from.