Wednesday, November 30, 2005


The development we live in used to be farmland. In order to get to our house, you have to travel about a mile through this backroad, and then another mile on the main street through the development. Both of these roads are hilly and curvy. It's not a major climb, but it definitely makes for good walks. Unfortunately, neither of these roads are well-maintained during snowy weather. Damon saw a sand truck in our neighborhood Monday morning, but he hasn't seen anything since. It looks like they did finally plow some time in the night. It's been snowing since Sunday night, and we're supposed to get another couple of inches tomorrow. The Sheriff's office reported that there have been 210 accidents as of last night in the Spokane Valley area (and outskirts) alone, so Abby and I aren't going anywhere. We've been stuck in the house for days! We're going stir crazy.

I went out to our deck just now to take some pictures, and this is what I found when I opened the door.

According to our patio table, we've gotten this much snow.

Ok, I'm done whining now. Because we're sort of out in the middle of nowhere, we see a lot of deer this time of year. Last year, when my mom and sisters were here after Abby was born, we saw 5 deer run across our backyard. They met up with a bunch more on the street. We counted about a dozen of them. I'd never seen that many in one place like that. One evening last week, Abby and I were playing in the basement when suddenly there was a deer right outside the window! He saw us and leisurely moved on our lawn where he ate our grass before prancing away. Abby so enjoyed watching him out the window. Then, last night Damon was checking to make sure the house was locked up for the night when he looked out at the snow through that window in the front door. There was a deer right in front of that light post in our front yard eating one of our bushes.

Speaking of animals, Abby wants a dog. It started over the long weekend when we watched a little of the dog show. She was mesmerized by all the dogs on tv. Now, she gets so excited whenever she sees a dog on television.


Hillary said...

Ha ha! I totally do the ruler thing, too! :) And look at you, providing both metric and imperial mesurements for your Canadian and American readers!

Hope you get out soon!

Maureen said...

That snow is SO pretty! I can't imagine trying to drive on it/in it, though. I am glad to hear someone else being cautious with their child. Some people think I'm nuts when I stay home b/c I don't want Connor on the road in bad weather.

Those pictures of Abby are so cute! I love her "cute face" pose. When Connor first started walking he didn't really get into too much b/c he was so busy just practicing walking, however now that he has the layout of the place down pat his next mission is to touch every square inch of our house. He is into everything and I thought I had "everything" put away and locked up. Enjoy your last few days of peace while Abby is still in the beginning stages.

Brandi said...

Maureen--The roads here are so poorly maintained during snow you'd think they didn't know it was coming. I hate driving in it to begin with, but I'm not going to risk it with Abby in the car.

Abby's into everything already. She is so curious. Of course, the things she wants to play with are the things she can't.

Rachael said...

WOW! That is a lot of snow. We had about 6 inches but the weather warmed up and now it's just icey, but all the snow is melted. We have poorly maintained roads here too. We live in a little town and our roads are always plowed last.