Tuesday, October 04, 2005

So much for our Redneck baby. Abby's cutting her 2 front teeth as well! That's 4 teeth coming in at once. She's been terrific through it too. Her naps have gotten shorter, but she's sleeping well throughout the night. I just wish she'd sleep past dawn!


Abby's been a little constipated recently. She's pooping constantly, but they're small, hard poops. We've had to change her so much that she developed a nasty diaper rash. We noticed it for the first time on Sunday. The poor thing was in so much pain whenever we tried to change her diaper that she'd cry the whole time. We've since switched to wet washcloths instead of wipes, which just make the rash worse. We're also making sure she's good and dry before we put Desitin and a fresh diaper on. She thinks it's so funny that we are now fanning her tooshie with a fresh diaper.


We went to the mall on Saturday, and decided to have lunch in the food court. Damon and I couldn't agree on one place to eat, so we each went our separate ways. While I was waiting for my food, Abby happily sat in her stroller watching the people go by. All of a sudden, she started shrieking excitedly because she found her Daddy 2 restaurants over. We were so impressed that not only had she been able to see him from so far away, but that she was also able to pick him out of a crowd.

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tara said...

okay before you had Abby.. did you EVER use the word Tushie?