Tuesday, October 11, 2005

So Tall

It used to be that Abby would crawl under the table and use a chair to stand up. She fit perfectly under there. Now, she can already reach the table to see what's going on up there!

In the foreground, you can see Po from the Teletubbies. She's there to keep Abby busy while I do what I need to do in the kitchen. You press her right palm once to turn her on and a second time to get her going. Her belly lights up and she dances while she plays music. She's possessed, though, because once she's on, loud noises or a smack on the nose will also get her dancing (as Abby has found out). It's so funny to watch Abby with her if I don't turn her on before she gets to her. Abby will sit in front of poor Po shrieking and smacking poor her to get her to move. Every once in a while, she'll press her palm without realizing it and turn her on without my help.

Apparently, Abby didn't want any more pictures taken!


Tara said...

was that something that john taught her?? too cute!

your SP said...

Abby!! The bird!?

LOL Way too cute. They seem to grow overnight, don't they? One day they fit under the table and the next they're eye level with it. Brogan used to love crawling around under the coffee table and he even used to be able to pretty much sit up under it; now he bangs his head just crawling low.

Time marches on... She's a sweetie, Brandi.

Maureen said...

That is hilarious!

monkeygirl said...

New to your site!! Wait until she starts climbing on the table!! That's always fun!

Rachael said...

LOL! OH that last picture is too funny. I laughed so hard!