Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day came early in our house. We decided to celebrate yesterday instead of today because tomorrow is the #1 busiest day of the year for restaurants (dads don't cook). I was surprised to find that out when I worked in a restaurant. I always thought New Year's or Valentine's Day would be the busiest, but it's Mother's Day. That's why I would prefer to stay far away from any restaurant today. It didn't matter much anyway because we decided to stay home instead. Abby has been really crabby the last few days thanks to her teething.

I got a couple of great presents yesterday. Damon and Abby gave me an awesome digital camcorder, so expect to see more movies in the future. Abby also gave me a present herself. She rolled over back to front unassisted! She did it several times and she would get her arm stuck under her, but she did manage to untuck it once. She even rolled back onto her back once!

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms, grandmas, and great-grandmas out there!


Rita Aning said...

Thanks for the Happy Mother's Day wishes.

I hope that you enjoy your very first Mother's Day. Mother's Day will have taken on a new meaning to your this year.

When is a baby suppose to start rolling from her back to her tummy?

Happy Mother's Day to you, Brandi.

Jake said...

What do you mean dad's don't cook? It appears to me it is a full time job at your house for me.... lol.

Next time, I get to sit in the chair and hold Abby....

Happy Mothers Day, Brandi!

Love, Grandpa Jake

Anonymous said...

Brandy, que hermosa esta tu niƱa!
Tu mama me hablo ahorita y me dijo como entrar en tu pagina. Que bueno es ver lo linda y sana que esta, le hemos pedido a Dios por ella desde que la estabas esperando; y es una alegria poder conocerla, gracias por regalarnos la bendicion de poder participar de los momentos especiales de su crecimiento. Que Dios la bendiga siempre y que tanto tu como tu esposo la continuen disfrutando. Besos y abrazos. con todo mi amor, Yolanda