Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Damon's Worst Fear

Damon is so scared of Abby sleeping on her stomach for fear of SIDS. She's old enough now that she's rolling over that it's ok to let her decide how she wants to sleep. Besides, there's not a whole lot we can do about it. Plus, when we were babies, parents were told to put babies down to sleep on their stomachs because of the fear of choking. Abby's been sleeping on her side a lot lately. It's pretty funny because she will have both of her arms straight out in front of her (one on top of the other), and her legs look like an open pair of scissors with one way back and the other way forward. She only rolls over completely when she wakes up and gets upset. This nap is the first time she's rolled over on her stomach to sleep.

It used to be that I could lay Abby down on a blanket on the floor, and load the washing machine real quick without her going anywhere. Today, she rolled from her back to her stomach to her back to her stomach again, ending up halfway across the room! Well, maybe not that far, but she rolled off the big blanket I laid out.

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Grandma Aning said...

She is her Mother's daughter. Sleeping on her tummy is so Brandi!