Monday, May 23, 2005

Dance Monkey, Dance!

Abby gets bored so easily these days that I keep having to find new ways of entertaining her, or we have a meltdown. It's exhausting! I try to rotate her toys every so often, so she has something new to look at when she gets bored, but her favorite toy is me. She loves to ride on my calves (I lay her facing me along my calves so her face is between my knees while I'm laying on the floor), play with my fingers, and grab at my face. Even her Exersaucer only entertains her for a few minutes at a time.

We (finally) installed the new car seat in the car over the weekend. I'm so happy that it fits! I've been worried about it not fitting in our car because the seat's so big. We installed it without the detachable base, and there is actually more room now than with the infant seat. We went to the grocery store after installing it, and just took the infant seat with us to use in the cart. That worked pretty well. At Target today, I used one of their carts that already has a baby seat attached. I won't be doing that again! The straps were stained, and didn't fit securely enough. I think I'd like to get a Buggy Bagg instead. A lady at Target had one of these, so I stopped her to ask her about it. It completely covers the cart seat, so there is no worry that Abby will try to chew on the rail since no one ever cleans those seats. Plus, it's great right now while she's not ready to sit unsupported because there's a detachable pillow that gives her the extra support she needs. Finally, it would be a lot more convenient than taking the infant seat everywhere because it would take up a lot less room in our car. Now, to convince Damon.

We moved from rice cereal to baby oatmeal yesterday. Abby much prefers the oatmeal. She still didn't eat very much, but she did seem to enjoy it more. I bought a butternut squash and some sweet potatoes to cook up for baby food, so we'll be trying one of those in a few days.


Maureen said...

We have the Floppy Seat (which is just a different brand of the Buggy Bagg) and I love it. It is really easy to use and it's great when they still need support while sitting. The one we have doubles as a liner for restaurant high chairs. It's worth the $40 to have peace of mind that she isn't going to get some snot-nosed kid's germs in the cart/high chair. My other favorite baby product is the Exergen Temporal thermometer. I won't take up anymore space, Google can give you all the details. BTW--I just started reading the Healthy Sleep far so good.

Rachael said...

I am so glad tha car seat ended up fitting. Ours fits but we can't recline it very well so Gavi is always floppying forward when he sleeps.
Just wait in a few months she will be gobbling down so much food that you'll wonder where she puts it. I remember Gav would eat a tiny bit of rice cereal. Now he'll down 3 stage 2 Gerber baby food jars. And then 30 fruit puffs and a fruit bar on top of that.