Friday, March 11, 2005

Good Morning, Abby-Style

So, I get my usual 5am wake-up call from Abby this morning, and as we sit down in the glider together to give her a bottle, I notice her back is wet. Her diaper leaked, but luckily it was just pee. That definitely woke me up, though! I had to wake up Damon to bring her a clean outfit and change the changing pad cover once we were done because her outfit was so wet she'd soaked the cover too.

THEN, as I'm feeding her, we hear the tell-tale sound of her going poop. Damon recognized it right away, but I've been fooled before so I just thought it was gas.
Once she was done eating, I put her back on the changing pad to check. Sure enough, she'd pooped. We got her cleaned up, and just as I got a fresh diaper under her tooshie, she pooped some more. We went through about 8 diapers because she kept doing this! It was hilarious! I'd clean her up, lift her legs up to get a diaper under her, and she'd poop some more. This wasn't just a little here and there, either. She kept filling diapers! By the time we were finally done, we had to change her clothes and the changing pad cover again! While trying to clean her and hurrying to get a fresh diaper on, I made a mess of her clothes and the cover. I ended up having to do a load of laundry to clean everything up. All the while we were changing her, she looked at us and laughed in our faces.


Rita Aning said...

Jake and I have a problem. We know that Prayer and Unspoken are grandkitties and Snickers is a grandpuppy; but we are not sure what to call Bob. Is Bob the grand light fixture or maybe the grand ceiling light? Please help us determine what to call Bob! I would appreciate it if Paula, Christa, Ed and John would help Damon, Brandi, Jake and I determine the correct family title for Bob.

Susie and boys said...

Hi Damon, Brandi and Baby Abby,

You guys have done a wonderful job and she is such a beautiful baby..I just want to reach out and hold her....! I get on daily and see all your writings and her wonderful pictures, then I save them all and have them on my screen saver...Everytime I walk by I can see how much she has grown...I see alot of both of you in her...and wow, what wonderful blue eyes she has...! I cant wait to hold her! I have another whole box of things to send out for her hopefully they will fit her, seems like she has really grown....I will try to send them out the first of this week.
The boys are doing good...Anthony has started baseball practice, they started back in Feb..He was picked for a special team and they are wanting him to pitch...! He is so excited! He will miss having you by the sidelines, but I will keep you up to date on how he is doing.
Have you guys gotten the webcam I sent at xmas going yet..I would love keep in touch that way also. Just let me know. Well I dont want to take up too much space on Abby's special site...I love you and miss you all very much..Just dont seem the same here without you guys!
Love always
Susie and Boys

Brandi said...

Hey Susie! It's great to hear from you. I'm glad things are going well for you guys. I miss you! That's awesome that Anthony gets to be on a special team. I wish I could see him pitch.