Monday, March 14, 2005

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Aren't these the cutest shoes ever?! They're Robeez, and they keep her socks on her feet, so I'm not having to constantly search for that missing sock. There's a boutique in Coeur D'Alene, called Mother's Haven, that sells a ton of pregnancy and nursing stuff. It was only my second time going, but I love it in there. They had every style in every size of these shoes. They're so adorable!

Last week, I started dressing Abby in mostly 3-6 month clothes. I'd been stalling because when she was born, her 0-3 month clothes were huge, so I expected this next size up to be the same at this age. That, and I just didn't want her to grow up. So far, everything has been just a little big, but not much. I've had to roll up the sleeves on some of her sleepers, but her going out clothes fit too well already. I made it official this weekend: her 0-3 month clothes have been packed up and put away. You know, it was difficult to do, but it wasn't as emotional as I'd expected it to be. I just kept looking ahead instead of back, and that really helped. Plus, she has a ton of cute 3-6 month stuff! That's where her clothes become more kiddish than babyish. One thing I learned the hard way is that if an outfit only shows one size, that is the bigger of the two sizes. So, an outfit that says "3 months" is actually 0-3 months. I bought her a couple of cute springy dresses only to find out when they were 0-3, not 3-6 months. After making so much room in her closet, I did notice one thing. She has a ton of 3-6, a lot of 6-9, but only about 3 onesies in 9-12 months. That means it's time to go shopping!


Rachael said...

I love Robeez Gavin has 7 pairs. Okay, so that is a bit exessive, but I find new ones that I love every day.

Brandi said...

You would love Mother's Haven then. They have every single pair in every size. It's going to be a dangerous place for me to go once she's toddling.