Friday, March 04, 2005

Can you handle this much cuteness?

She woke up not long after I got out of the shower, so I put her in the car seat and brought her into the bathroom while I dried my hair. She had a great time.

Away she goes!

Her new favorite toy.

She loves to look at herself in our new mirror in our bedroom while I change her.


Damon said...

I have to say I fathered the cutest baby ever!! Jake, I suppose you don't have to cook when you come. We'll simply settle for you paying for the pizza being delivered.

peggy said...

I lay Brogan on the floor outside the bathroom door too while I dry my hair. So far, he has yet to fuss no matter how long it takes.

peggy said...

'Kay. I don't see an email address here so I'll answer your question about how Brogan goes to sleep so quickly/easily over on my blog. If not tonight than tomorrow, okay? I'll make myself a note so I don't forget.

Brandi said...

Thanks Peggy!