Monday, March 07, 2005

Baby Crack

This is what we lovingly call "baby crack." We were introduced to the Ocean Wonders Aquarium when we spent the night in the hospital with Abby for jaundice. It seemed to calm Abby while she was under the bilirubin lights, at least in the beginning. It definitely calmed our nerves. A few weeks ago, I finally remember to buy one and when we turned it on, she instantly zoned out looking at it. It became a life-saver immediately. When she would get fussy, we'd lay her in her co-sleeper with it on and she'd calm down. As she has become fussier and fussier, it seemed to have the opposite effect, so we quit using it for a while. One day last week, though, she was starting to get really cranky in the evening as she has been doing, so I decided to try it again.

Once again, the lights and music calmed her right down! Since then, when she starts to get sleepy and cranky in the evenings, we'll turn it on and she becomes transfixed. She'll still cry out for us a few times before falling asleep, but I'm not having to rock and bounce and carry her to calm her down anymore. We just hope it lasts!


peggy said...

I have one for Brogan too. My only complaint is that the settings don't allow it to play longer. A play-until-mom-shuts-it-off setting would be great! I don't use it so much for him anymore because he's asleep before I put him in bed and I also sleep him on his stomach so he wouldn't really see it anyway. (I should probably work on putting him to bed awake but drowsy soon.)

Brandi said...

That's the problem we have too. We just turn it off and back on every time we have to go in there to buy us time. I wish it had that setting too!

Grandma Aning said...

The new pictures are beautiful. Grandma Wava would have been so proud of her laying on the quilt that she made.

Yes, Damon you fathered one of the cutest babies ever! If I tell you that there has never been a cuter baby, remember I will get in deep trouble with the parents of our other grandchildren. Each little one is precious in their own way.

I have pictures of another cute baby. The pictures that I will bring to Spokane Valley are about 33 to 34 years old. Now he was a cute baby!!! When I look at the pictures of Abby, that are taken from diffent angles, I see that she looks like both of her good looking parents. How could she not be a very beautiful baby!?!/

I have a good idea for Jake's visit. Before he arrives, decide what you want him to cook. Have the shopping done and I know that he will cook. It might be a good idea to have him select the meat/chicken. He's kind of particular about meat.

I am counting the days until we can visit all of you.