Monday, June 09, 2008

Friday was baby ultrasound day. Unfortunately, they're getting too big and squished in there to get good pictures, but at least they were able to get the measurements they needed. Baby A (on my right) is tranverse and Baby B (left) is breach. Basically, Trouble is sideways with her head by her sister and Whisper is laying feet first. There should still be time for them to get into position, but if they don't move I'll definitely be having a c-section. Also, Baby A weighs 2lbs. 10oz. and Baby B weighs 2lbs. 11oz. It's interesting that they switched. Last time, A weighed an ounce more than her sister.

We did quite a bit of nesting this weekend. Well, more shopping than anything else, but it was fun to go a little crazy at Babies R Us! I feel better having most of the basic stuff done. There's still a lot more to do, but we're making progress a little at a time.
-Canvas bins are bought and filled for the changing table, although I'm going to need more because I used the ones I bought for the second changing table (for the basement) in their closet.
-Changing table pads and covers are bought and covers washed.
-Car seats have been either cleaned or put together (thanks for the second car seat Mom!)
-Preemie-sized basics have been purchased, washed, and put away along with all the clothes we got at the second shower.
-Diaper bag is ready to go to the hospital.

And a belly shot. I took this yesterday. I'm almost 29 weeks here (28w5d):

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