Tuesday, June 10, 2008

29 Weeks

Great news! My cervix grew this week, so I get to avoid bedrest one more week. Last week, it was just under 3 cm and today it was right at 3. My doctor was impressed at how well I'm doing, so unless my cervix starts causing problems again I won't be going on bedrest until about 32 weeks. I still have to take it easy and rest as much as possible, though, so my cervix doesn't shorten again. My bp was 120/72, so hopefully that will continue to not be an issue too.

I also gained 2lbs. in 2 weeks, putting my total weight gain at only 21 lbs. I never expected to gain so little weight while carrying twins! Nor did I expect I'd actually have to work at gaining weight! I've never been one who can eat anything and not gain weight, until now.

I have this huge mole on my cheek, about 2 finger-widths from my ear. Over the weekend, I noticed it suddenly got hard, raised, and crusty. I mentioned it to my ob, and he referred me to the dermatologist in the same building. I also have this skin tag on my inner thigh that's a souvenir from my pregnancy with Abby. This time, it's gotten huge and keeps getting caught in my jeans! They were able to get me in this afternoon at the dermatologist's office, so we ended up having a much busier day than I'd planned.

My cheek is fine and the mole doesn't need to be removed unless I want it to. I'm thrilled! I'm a really moley person, so I have a few moles I'm pretty sentimental about and this is definitely one of them. It was rough on me to think I'd have to get it removed. She did find three moles that were questionable, one of which she was really concerned about, so they're all coming off July 1st. At least this time, Abby's old enough to get herself into her booster seat. Thankfully, she did remove the skin tag today. Good riddance!

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