Tuesday, June 03, 2008

28 Weeks

Today was cervical check day. It's shortening, but apparently not at a rate to send me to bedrest. Yet. Last week, it was over 3, and today it was just under 3. If it's shorter again next week, I'll definitely be looking at bedrest. I'm doing what I can to keep these babies in as long as possible. At least if I did go into preterm labor and they couldn't stop it, the babies have a 90% survival rate now. They'd be in NICU for a long time, but they'd make it. That's a huge weight off my shoulders, but the longer we can hold off delivery the better.

I also got the results from my glucose test today. I wasn't too worried about it since my doctor's office hadn't called. No news is good news, right? Sure enough, I passed with flying colors. The nurse said the normal is range is 60-140, and I was at 92. Phew! That's definitely the test I wanted to pass! Now, I can continue to eat like a horse without having to carefully monitor every bite.

Things are definitely getting tight in my belly. Baby A (on my right) is constantly kicking my ribs and pelvis trying to make more room for herself. We call her Trouble because she kicks so hard is always on the move. Baby B is now Whisper because she doesn't kick nearly as much as her sister. I feel more movement than kicks from her. Already, they're both on different schedules. Trouble is up most of the day, while Whisper tends to be at her most active right as I'm trying to go to sleep. She's up a lot at night when I get up to go to the bathroom too.

Oh sleep, how I miss you! I can't remember the last time I got more than a couple hours of sleep between bathroom breaks. It's only gotten worse the last few weeks too. It doesn't matter what time I go to bed, I spend at least 2-3 hours going to the bathroom every 10 minutes. What's worse is that it takes me that long to try and get comfortable, just to have to get up again. It doesn't seem to stop until I'm so exhausted I finally fall asleep. Rarely before 2. Then, I'm up every hour the rest of the night. On a good night, I get right back to sleep every time. Only 9 more weeks to go.

Babycenter has another picture update for twins this week. Go here to read about their development this week.


tali said...

Wouldn't a catheter be great right about now?!? Sending sleep vibes your way....

And I am also traumatized by Abby's constipation story!! Beckett has had some weird poops lately... I don't know if it's the rice cereal or what. I didn't think about trying the prunes you eat though (just juice) so maybe he would like those. (Hoping we don't have to find out!!)

Brandi said...

I never thought I'd ever wish for a catheter! After about the 6th trip to the bathroom, a catheter sounds like the greatest invention ever.

Abby hasn't eaten prunes since because I'm so scared of what may happen! Once they start eating solids, they're poops definitely change. Hopefully that's all it is!

Anonymous said...

Jessica (twin A) used to kick Jennifer (twin B)...and they still kick each other. Jennifer didn't moved that much.
Yo todavía no he podido dormir una noche entera desde hace 20 años!



Tara in Iowa said...

Hi Brandi!!!

So the count down has officially begun!!! you should look into using the first letters of their nicknames for their middle names. That would be kind of symbolic of their time in-utero. hope to hear from you soon!!


Rachael said...

I remember how uncomfortable one was, I can't imagine two. I am glad all is going well. Have you tried Unisom for sleep? When I would take it I didn't have urges to pee when I slept. It was weird. My sister claims the same thing. Of course when I woke up I would need to pee sooo bad!