Wednesday, May 17, 2006

We have a house!!!

Well, sort of. We actually just have a lot to build the house on. Except the lot won't be ready for them to even start building until August/September. After looking at a million homes (which is so much fun with a toddler in tow), we decided to go ahead and build in this newer development in the north part of town. The few houses that we liked were in the higher end of our price range, and we kept saying that we could build for the same price, so we're going for it. We signed the paperwork today to make the lot ours. Now, we have to get pre-approved for our loan, and go to the "design studio" to pick all the pretty stuff. Then we wait. And wait. We'll be moving in sometime next February or March.

I got the picture to work today. The windows on the left side on the main floor are a single car garage. Having the garage split like that gives the entry a really cool courtyard feel.


Maureen said...

The new house will be gorgeous!! Congrats! Have fun at the design studio picking out all the fun stuff. I love the pictures of Abby's hair post ponytails!

Brandi said...

Thanks Maureen!