Thursday, May 11, 2006

Abby's New Chair

Abby's constantly climbing up on the furniture, so we decided it was time to get her her very own chair. It's nice and big so it will last a long time.


Rachael said...

Is this Pottery Barn? I have wanted to get one for Gavin from there since he was born. But John keeps saying that its not worth the cost because he probably won't sit on it LOL. Glad Abby like hers.

Brandi said...

Yes, it's PBK. I've wanted for Abby forever too, and I finally convinced Damon that Abby NEEDED one. We finally bought one because we have a PBK store here (although it didn't do us any good because we still had to order it). We got the oversized anywhere chair, and it's huge! I easily fit in it. Abby's funny, though, she won't let us near it because it's HER chair. If we even try to lay in front of it, she shoves us away.