Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Earning her keep

Now that Abby is the ripe old age of 17 months, we decided it was time she had some chores. Well, one chore really. She's been a big fan of clothes baskets for a while now, and since she's always RIGHT THERE when I'm loading the washer, I've trained her to hand me the clothes from the basket. She loves helping me with this, and gets so excited when she sees me haul the basket to the washer. Unfortunately, she has the attention span of, well, a toddler, so she's only good for a few minutes of manual labor before she gets bored and wanders off. Her favorite part of doing laundry, though, is when I put the clothes fresh out of the dryer back into the basket. She loves to bend over into the basket and sniff our clean, warm clothes. She also hands me clothes to fold too, but I have to watch her because she loves to wander off with a pair of our clean underwear to smell!

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pleutim said...

heeeeee!! Brogan likes to put clothes into the washer too but like Abby, loses interest. He ends up putting in five items and then stops and pulls out everything that I'm trying to put in. He does hand me things from the washer (front loader) to put in the dryer though. The folding, I wait to do until he's napping. He destroys anything that I fold.

Such a helpful age though, isn't it?