Friday, September 05, 2008

One Month Old

My babies are a month old today! It feels as if I was pregnant ages ago yet I can't believe they're already a month old. The girls are both growing like crazy. They're well-baby check is Monday and we're so curious to see how much weight they've put on. They're both starting to lose that emaciated look and are filling out, particularly in their faces.

Unfortunately, BOTH girls are colicky! They get such painful gas our evenings our filled with their screams. I was really hoping we wouldn't go through this again. This weekend was particularly bad since my other sister, Jennifer, and Damon's parents were here. They were overstimulated on top of it, so they screamed for a few hours every evening. Since things have settled here, they don't cry as long (or as hard!), but it's still difficult to listen to them in pain.

On the bright side, once they finally settle down and fall asleep, they're pretty decent sleepers. On 3 different nights, Cora has slept a solid 6-ish hours! From about midnight to 6-ish. Emma was sleeping a good 4 as well, but she might be going through a growth spurt. She's been waking every 2 hours the last few nights. When they wake up in the middle of the night now, they go back to sleep fairly easily. We did have one night this week where one or both were up from 3-6:30am. Then Abby woke me up at 7:30 to take her to school.

Abby does really well with the girls. She gets a little frustrated sometimes when we're all busy and can't play with her, but she tends to take it in stride. She loves to help by holding their bottles for them, but after a minute she complains that her hand is sweaty and needs to stop! For the most part, she's pretty gentle with them. She hasn't gotten jealous of them yet.

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