Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Abby loves school. She was really nervous that first day, but she went in with no problems after giving me a big don't-want-to-let-go hug. Interestingly, the only kids who cried were all boys. When it was time to pick her up, she went on about how much fun it was!

She is really into counting us all right now. She loves to count how many of us there are. I think it started at mealtimes. She enjoys getting the silverware for all of us and she'd ask how much she needed to get. I'd always ask her how many of us there are and tell her that's how much we need. Anyway, when she counts us she always makes sure she's number 3. No one else is allowed to be number 3 since she's 3 years old!


Anonymous said...

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grandma Rita said...

oh oh i did not put my name