Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Benadryl is my new best friend!

At a previous prenatal vist, my doctor gave me a list of safe over-the-counter medications and the illnesses they aid. Benadryl was listed under nausea. Huh? I had no idea! I was leary to try it because Benadryl puts me right to sleep. Finally, last week I couldn't take the constant vomiting anymore, so I bought some children's chewables. I decided I'd rather be sleepy constantly than sick, and really I'm tired all the time anyway so it hasn't made much difference. I have a hard time swallowing pills on a good day, let alone now, so I thought chewables was the way to go. Two chewables are the same as one adult pill, so I've been taking 2 chewables twice a day. What a difference! I haven't gotten sick once since I started taking Benadryl! I did get sick yesterday, but that was my own fault. I forgot to take it in the morning, so I decided to try a day without it to see how I felt. That lasted until about 3 o'clock, but by then the damage was done. I felt so awful that not even the Benadryl helped.

Here's a more current belly shot. I took this Saturday. Same top as before.

And since Abby's been neglected around here lately, here's a picture from her birthday party back in the beginning of January! I have a bunch of pictures I need to post to flickr now that I'm feeling better. Hopefully I'll get to them soon.
Birthday girl


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see both of you
you look so huge and beautiful!
Lots of Love,
Mom & Twins

Maureen said...

The Benadryl trick makes me want to get pregnant again just so I can try it! I had the worst morning sickness with both kids. That's great that it works so well, and doesn't completely knock you out.

tali said...

You look great Brandi! Thanks for posting the pics.

Brandi said...

Thanks everyone! I feel huge already; I can't imagine how big I'll be by the end!