Tuesday, February 26, 2008

14 Weeks

Thank you all so much for your kind words of encouragement! We really appreciate it. After we let it sink in for a few days, we started to get over the shock and got more and more excited. Going to the bookstore and buying a couple books on being pregnant with twins really set us at ease. Now, we are thrilled!

I'm just so tired of puking! So far, there's no end in sight. I'd hoped it would all go away now that I'm out of the first trimester, but no such luck. I went an entire day last week without getting sick! That's been the only day all month so far. My body paid me back by not letting me keep one bite down for several days after. Since I haven't been able to keep much food down, I didn't gain any weight between doctor's visits. That means that I now need to gain a good 10-15 pounds in the next 6 weeks! It's pretty hard to do right now, but I'm trying.

Last week, I went in for a nuchal translucency screen. Basically, they measure something in the babies' neck and compare the results to my blood test. It's to test for things like Downs Syndrome, but it doesn't tell us whether the babies have it, just whether there's a risk. You can read more about it here. I'm not really concerned with the results since it doesn't really tell us anything definitive. I just agreed to it for the extra ultrasound! I'll happily take an ultrasound whenever it's offered. I'll post pictures once I can figure out what's wrong with my printer/scanner/copier all-in-one thingamabob. For now, I can't scan them.

The babies looked good and measured where they're supposed at this age. Twin A was 6.9 cm long (about 2.7 inches) and Twin B was 7.5 cm long (just a hair under 3 inches). They were moving around like crazy, but I didn't feel a thing yet. Twin A stayed in pretty much the same position, but we did see her/him squirm around. Twin B was all over the place! At the start of the ultrasound, Twin A was laying horizontally across my belly, while Twin B was vertical along my right side feet down. The tech took some measurements of each then went back to Twin A to give us some pictures to take home. By then, Twin B was in the same spot but head down so their heads from the corner of an L. I had my prenatal visit with my doctor after going to the lab to get blood drawn (we waited over an hour for what only took a minute!). When my doctor used the doppler to find their heartbeats, he found them pretty much on top of each other.

At my prenatal visit, my doctor also measured my uterus. That measurement should correspond pretty well with how many weeks pregnant a woman is when carrying one child. At 13 weeks, I measured 15 weeks. So I'm as big as I would be at 15 weeks if I was only pregnant with one. It sounds like I'll be measuring even bigger than that as I progress in this prenancy.

I took a picture of the belly a couple weeks ago, at 12 weeks, that I'm finally getting around to post. I've definitely grown more since then!

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Prayer said...

Brani, I had an e-mail card ready for you, the two addreses I had don't work. I think you daily. You'll do GREAT. Make Damon do all of the the poopy messes. HA. Paula