Saturday, December 29, 2007

I've only known I'm pregnant for a little over a week, but already it's so much different than the first time around. I know I'll be showing earlier since my body "remembers" what to do, but I hadn't expected how completely different everything would be.

I had a pretty easy pregnancy with Abby. I was naseous for about a month total, and only really got sick for about a week. After that, I felt great. One of the first things I remember happening was around 6 or 7 weeks my jeans being way too uncomfortable, especially when I sat. At the time, I had a desk job working for my grandpa Ed, so it was grueling until I bought a couple pairs that were about 3 sizes too big. I wore those until about 4-ish months when I switced to maternity jeans. This time, I felt uncomfortable in my jeans the day after I found out! They're not too tight yet, just painful when I sit down because they put pressure right where I'm feeling crampy and bloated. I already bought a pair of maternity pants on clearance at Target because I'm nowhere near ready for my old jeans with the big panel.

It's not just my clothes that already don't feel right. For the most part, I feel pretty good but not as good as I did the first time. I'm living with constant heartburn, sometimes it's worse than others, but it's always there. When my in-laws were here, I was constantly having to stop and sit for a bit while cooking or cleaning because the crampiness and heartburn gets worse when I moved around too much. I have to take a break after showering and drying my hair! I even got sick one afternoon already while they were here. We'd just eaten, and my mother in-law and I were cleaning up the kitchen. All the bending and squatting while putting things away really got to me.

And the cravings! With Abby, the only thing I really had to have was fruit punch Powerade. I had to be Powerade, and it had to be fruit punch. We bought that stuff by the case every week! And I normally really don't like those types of drinks. This time, the biggest thing is that I'm not really interested in sweets. Everyone who knows me "in real life" just dropped dead from shock. I normally don't have just a sweet tooth, I have an entire sweet mouth. I would happily live on dessert if I could. Now, nothing dessert sounds good at all. We have a house full of cakes and candy, and I've hardly touched it. For awhile, I was craving salads and healthy food. I only ever eat salads if it comes with my meal at a restaurant, and I've never ordered just a salad ever. Right now, the baby's crying for pizza from this local restaurant. I must have it now!

My brain has already left me too. I'd heard of pregnancy brain, but it wasn't something I really experienced before. This time, I feel like I'm going crazy! Before our company came, I tore apart every closet looking for the bath towels that match the hand towels in the guest bathroom. It wasn't until the next day that I remembered that I never actually bought the towels! It was one of those things I meant to pick up, but moved on to something else and forgot about. I was certain they were somewhere in the house, though. I'm constantly setting things down and completely forgetting where I put them 2 minutes later. The other day, I put some potatoes in the oven to bake, and forgot all about them. My mother in-law happened to ask me about them a couple hours later. Oops!


Anonymous said...

Dear Brandi, are you sure you are not having twins....

Anonymous said...

Brandi, do you know who anonymous is? Just so you know, it wasn't Jake or I.

Beckett has a blog. Abby's blog is connected to it. I am waiting for Eileen to get me the address. I will then get it to you.

Happy New Year!! We love you. Mom and Jake Aning

Maureen said...

It's amazing how different pregnancies can be, but I was completely amazed at how different Audrey was/is from Connor. It's good that Abby is excited. At two, Connor just didn't really get it until we brought her home.