Thursday, December 06, 2007

I hereby do solemnly swear to be back next week with pictures from our Thanksgiving trip. I'm at the finish line with my class, so I have a term paper due Monday and a final exam I have to take sometime next week and a chapter quiz next week. The earlier I take my tests next week, the sooner I'll be free! Then I can take the time to post pictures. On top of that stress, we're having a birthday party for Abby this Sunday so I have to clean the house, get supplies bought, fill goodie bags, cook, and bake about 3 dozen ice cream cone cupcakes because I'm crazy and thought they would be more fun than a store-bought cake. This was before it dawned on me that Monday is the due date for my paper and I kind of forgot I had to clean my house for the party. Someday I'll break myself of my evil procrastinating ways.

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