Monday, November 06, 2006

We have a start date!

Sort of. The permit date on our house will be the 17th, but they could break ground up to 3 days before or after that date. It's progress! They estimate 5 months from start to finish, so we should (hopefully) be in our house mid-April.

I had to go to the Design Studio to finish up some things and I finally remembered to take my camera!

Left to Right: The little bit peeking through will be used in the main-level bath; slab granite countertop in the kitchen with the stone as backsplash (it doesn't look as yellow in person). That little square is a coppery colored glass that will break up the backsplash every 18 inches. Middle-bottom is the slate tile that will surround the fireplaces. Carpet, obviously. Maple, Shaker-style cabinets everywhere. Right: master bath. Granite tile countertop. The big tile will be used on the floor, around the tub, and on the shower walls. We have his & hers sinks on opposite walls with the tub in the middle on the adjacent wall. The backsplash will go under the mirrors and above the tub, so it goes all the way around the room on three walls. There will also be a big rectangle on one wall in the shower with the big tile at a diagonal inside.

Main-level bath. The big tile will be the floor. There will also be a generic 4x4" "bone" colored ceramic tile on the countertop and above the tub, surrounding the shower. The backsplash will be under the mirror and in the shower surround.

Abby's bathroom upstairs. The big tile on the floor. Sea Blue glass will be the backsplash under the mirror and in the shower. Generic white 4x4" tile on the countertops and above the tub, surrounding the shower. Disregard that other backsplash on the left.

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