Thursday, November 09, 2006

My little fashion diva

Abby loves clothes, but we've been fortunate so far that she still lets me dress her. If I'm holding her while I search her closet, she'll tap her chin with her finger and say "Ummmmmmm." CUTEST. THING. EVER. She is starting to want to put the clothes on herself, though. It makes for frustrating diaper changes because I'm trying to wipe her butt while she's trying to put her pants back on. She's gotten really good putting on shoes.

Oh how she loves shoes! Whenever I tell her where going somewhere, the first thing she says is "SHOES!" She'll repeat it over and over until I get her shoes on. She especially loves to try on my boots, so she was thrilled when I bought her her very own pair of boots. She hasn't taken them off since.

She's also fascinated by hats all of a sudden. I lived in fear of winter all summer long because refused to wear hats. Now, she will gladly wear them all the livelong day. I just bought this one for myself, but she decided it looks better on her so I'll probably never get to wear it.
Mommy's New Hat

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Maureen said...

That picture in the hat is to die for! SO adorable!