Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We have dirt!

Labor Day weekend, we went out to where we're going to be building to walk around a couple of the completed versions of our house. They have a couple for sale, so we go and dream about where our furniture's going to go someday. While we were there, the sales office told us that we now have an address! Before, we had a street, but the house number was our lot number. Now we have a real house number! On our way out, we drove by where our lot is going to be and were surprised to see the lots and streets clearly defined. Since our lot sits at the edge of a culdesac near the road that will lead into the neighborhood, it wasn't hard to find. We were so excited we went back Monday and took pictures. They should (hopefully) be breaking ground toward the end of this month/beginning of next.

The view from our backyard. That's Cheyenne Mountain hiding in the haze.

The view to the west from the side of the property. Eventually, there will be houses there, but our house sits high on the hill. One of those mountains is Pikes Peak.

This is looking into our backyard from the lot behind us. That hill is where our house will be. We have the highest lot in the neighborhood.

We have a street...sort of! I think I was standing on the western edge of our property for this one.

She loved it out there.

The poles on either end mark our property lines. It's shaped kind of funny. It's narrow up front, then the western side widens out quite a ways, and the eastern side goes out just a little more. At the widest points, it goes straight back to that wall.

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