Saturday, September 02, 2006

Our laptop, and only computer, died earlier this week. It shut off without warning, and when we restarted it, the screen was dark but you could just make out that it was running properly. I took it in to get fixed and was informed that the backlight went out on the screen. Apparently, this is an $800-$1200 part! Since I'm in school, and my classes are online, I can't be without a computer, so we bit the bullet and bought another laptop. Sadly, I've lost everything on my old computer. All my pictures are gone! I might've backed them up to cd's in late March when we moved. If I didn't, I've lost everything from November on. Thankfully, between this blog and flickr, I have a good chunk of my pictures, but I've still lost a ton of them.


On my way to meet my running group this morning, I get a call from Damon. Normally, Damon bathes Abby and I get her dressed and ready for bed in the evenings. Last night, however, we switched. Damon couldn't find her usual long-sleeved top and pants pajamas, so he put her in a zippered sleeper with feet. When he went to her room this morning after she woke up, he found her standing in her crib COMPLETELY NAKED and holding her diaper! Her diaper was completely dry and the bedding was soaked, so she must've gotten out of her sleeper pretty early in the night. After he called, I remember her crying maybe an hour after we put her down, but it only lasted a minute or two so we never went in to check on her. I'm betting that's when she stripped down.

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Rachael said...

That is so sad about the pictures, and your laptop! That reminds me that I have to backup my pictures, and like NOW! I have so many I haven't done yet. I know I will be sorry if I don't back them up.
Oh and I think its a toddler trend to undress and pee in the bed. Brody over at the Brody blog did the same thing. And Gavin did this last night. He had on a zipper Jammie too. How he got out of it is beyond me.