Wednesday, April 05, 2006

We're Here

We're all doing well. When we first walked in the door, the first thing Abby saw was the coffee table. I have never seen someone so happy to see a piece of furniture! She settled back into her routine pretty quickly. In fact, she adjusted to Mountain Time on the way here, so we just had to deal with Daylight Savings Time, but that went smoothly too. The second day on the road was better than the first. She did get fussy right away, but at least she was entertainable. She did really well the third day. She even took a nap in the car without a fight. She was feeling so out of sorts, though, in the hotel rooms that neither of us could leave her side. If either Damon or I left the room for any reason, she became inconsolable. She's doing so much better now. She hasn't even been crying when Damon goes to work in the mornings.

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pleutim said...

Glad you've made it and are settling in. :)