Thursday, April 27, 2006

Abby has this game she loves to play. When I come in to get her once she's awake, she'll plop back onto her crib mattress. I'll sit down and look at her through the slats. Then, she'll stand up and plop back down when I stand up and ask her if she wants to get out. She thinks this is hilarious and does it in the bathtub too. Well, last week after a few round of this, she decided she'd had enough and I watched in horror as she tried to climb out of her crib! She pulled herself up on the corner of the crib so she could rest her belly up there. Then, she put her foot on the top of the rail. Her entire body was on the top of the crib rail at one point. She hasn't been able to figure out that last step to get all the way over yet. Instead, she ends up falling back into her crib.

So far, we've just been super diligent about going in there the second we hear a peep from her, and we've been keeping her up longer between naps to make sure she's good and tired. I haven't seen her try to climb out since. We're at a catch-22 with this. If we don't convert her crib into a toddler bed, we run the risk that she'll fall while climbing out and seriously hurt herself. If we do convert it, we run the risk that she'll get out of bed and play in her room. When she gets bored with that, she'll probably leave the room and wander the house. If we lock her in room, she'll scream to be let out. What would you do?


Maureen said...

That's a tough one! I figure you will have to deal with the screaming/playing scenario at some point anyway, so might as well go for it so she doesn't end up flying out of her crib and getting hurt. Connor is still in his crib (which also converts), but with a new baby coming we can't decide if we should convert it for him and then buy another whole crib set, or put him in a twin bed and use his crib/changing table for the new baby. We still have lots of time to figure it out. Good luck with Abby!

Rachael said...

I have heard that as soon as they are able to climb out you should convert to a toddler bed. I know on Gavin's crib we can lower the matress quite a bit. We have two more levels to go so I doubt he'll ever learn to climb out LOL!
It's a tough decision though. I dread the thought of switching Gavin over to a regular bed. I wish I had more advice. Good luck!