Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You want pictures? I got pictures!

When we were at the airport a couple weeks ago, we ended up waiting an hour-and-a-half for our luggage to come through baggage claim (and our flight only took 1hr. 45 minutes!). Abby was getting very restless in the stroller, so we took her out and she had a blast pushing it around baggage claim. She'd never gotten to push it herself before. It was all fun and games until she started climbing into the seat. Then we had to fold it up so she wouldn't get hurt and the meltdown began. Who could blame her? We were on the verge of a meltdown ourselves.

Look at her strut! All she needs is a paint can in each hand and the Bee Gees playing "Staying Alive" in the background.

She points at everything and says, "Duh?" now.

A couple days ago, she suddenly saw her dancing Po in a whole new light, and has been carrying it around ever since. It's gone everywhere with us. She'll hug it and pat it on the back like I do when she hugs me. If she drops it in a different room, I'll ask her, "Where's Po?" and she takes me to find it. When she does, she points excitedly and says "Da! Da!"



Maureen said...

Cute pictures! I think those are the first I've seen of her walking. Once they start walking they lose that baby look.:( Abby is starting to look like a big girl. Connor likes to push things too. His favorite is the grocery cart at Costco. I made the mistake of letting him out one time, now that's all he wants to do.

Rachael said...

I love her cheesey face smile. So cute! Gavin likes to "help" with laundry too. Only he strings it around the house and i have to chase him down.