Thursday, December 01, 2005

I've Learned My Lesson

Don't wait until December to try to buy a snowsuit!

Land's End had this one, but it's backordered until January.

LLBean offers free shipping, which is awesome, but they're one snowsuit isn't available in the bigger size (2T), only 18 months. I agree with everyone that Abby really needs the bigger size.

One Step Ahead only has this one-piece snowsuit, but again with the 18-months. They do have this jacket and overall pants combo, but the pretty violet one isn't available in her size.

Hanna Andersson is the only place I've been able to find one in her size so far. Wait, I just found another one there.

Hey, I just found this one at JCPenney and it's only $29.99! Does this look like it would keep dry and warm, though?

Now I'm getting somewhere! Macy's has this adorable two-piece set with gloves on sale for $34.80.

One thing I've learned is that 2T and 24-months sizes are exactly the same! I always thought that 2T was a little bigger. If they're the same, why bother having the two sizes?

I was really hoping to get her a one-piece deal because I figured that would keep her the driest, but I don't think I can pass up that cute one from Macy's. What do you think? My head's spinning.


rita said...

Macy's is really cute! Do you want me to look at Younker's in Sioux City?

Rachael said...

They are all really cute! I love Hanna stuff, but my goodness is it pricey. I have yet to spend any money with them. I liek the one through Macy's the best I think. And it's reasonable.
We picked up Gavin's snowsuit when he was 5 month old at the OshKosh Outlet. It was 15 bucks and it comes with boots and mittens. It was origially 70 bucks. So it was a steal. Gotta love after season sales.
Is Abby in 24 months already? Holy smokes! Gavin is still mostly 12-18, but slowly moving up to 18-24 month.

Brandi said...

Thanks Rita, but I'd really like to get her one before we head back. It's not supposed to snow too much this weekend, so we'll probably check out Macy's then.

Rachael--I haven't bought anything from Hanna Andersson either, but I've heard great things about the clothes. It's supposed to be worth the money because it's so well made that it'll last through several hand-me-downs.

I bought Abby's fall/winter clothes in 18mos because she was already starting to grow out of 12mos. Most of her clothes are just a little big right now, but there are things that she's already starting to grow out of. Although she is in 24mos when it comes to Old Navy, and that stuff fit her more snugly than her 18-month clothes.

pleutim said...

I'm debating about one that I like in 18 months - the coat will be a little big and the pants will probably be quite long but they'll fit again next year. My niece is still wearing a 2T that she got two years ago and she's now 4.

I'd go for a 2-piece setup since it will fit for longer than a 1-piece.