Saturday, December 03, 2005

Abby will be walking by tomorrow! She's been making huge strides the last few days. It started late Thursday afternoon. Her new favorite thing to do is to walk laps around the furniture. For some reason, she feels more secure when she's holding something in her right hand while she walks. She'll use her left hand to hold on to the furniture, but she'll take a couple of steps on her own before lightly touching the couch for balance. She goes round and round like this. She's been walking on her own more as well. All of a sudden I'll look over at her and she's walking towards me! Today, she made it almost halfway across the basement before she'd fall. She kept going farther and farther each time. She had so much fun walking towards me. She loves to have us cheer her on.

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Tara said...

And Now the fun begins!!! Hope to see ya'll when you are back this way in a couple of weeks!!