Wednesday, August 31, 2005


The only time Abby's interested in watching tv is when the Teletubbies are on. She'll stop whatever she's doing and zone out. She'll only watch for a few minutes, though, before she's on to something else.

I have a difficult time taking her picture anymore because the second she sees the camera, she gets excited and comes crawling toward it.

The other day, I bought her this toy that plays music and rolls around on the floor. The idea is that she's supposed to chase it while she crawls around. She was scared of it the first few times, but now she's warmed up to it. She won't crawl to it, though. She just watches it do its thing unless it's close enough for her to grab.

Abby climbed into the Bumbo seat herself this morning. She was pretty proud of herself until she wanted to get out and couldn't.

We all enjoyed having John here. Abby had a great time playing with him.

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pleutim said...

I have a hard time taking pictures of Brogan too, for that same reason. Unless he's looking elsewhere or otherwise occupied, he comes full speed towards the lens.