Monday, August 01, 2005

Finger Foods

I get a newsletter in the mail every couple of months from the hospital where Abby was born which talks about milestones, games to play, safety, etc. I received the latest one about stuff for 7 & 8 month-olds a little over a week ago. One of the topics was finger foods. I didn't realize Abby was old enough already, but I bought some "veggie puffs" that melt in her mouth to experiment with. It went better than I expected. I didn't have to go fishing in her mouth once! I did have to scoop some of them out of the little pocket in her bib several times, but they all made it in her mouth eventually.

In other feeding news, Abby can now hold her own bottle. She tried to a couple of months ago, but she just couldn't get it up high enough. I'd start to hold it and let go when she tried to hold it herself. Now that she's stronger and much more coordinated, I started trying again recently. This time, I'd hold the bottle in front of her and let her hold it from the beginning. The first few times, she still had trouble angling it right, and as soon as I'd try to help her out she would lose interest and let go. I was surprised it only took a few days to get her to hold it completely on her own. She still struggles when she gets toward the end, but she can manipulate it to get it that far down. Next step: sippy cup. I've started giving her a sippy cup with water here and there to play with. She can get it in her mouth, but she hasn't yet figured out that there's liquid in it to drink. She thinks it's for chewing.

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Rachael said...

She is doiung a great job with those. Gavin had a hard time picking up little things with his fingers for awhile.
Way to go on the bottle holding too. that always makes your life easier.