Monday, June 27, 2005

Sitting Up


I laid her on her back on the blanket in the basement while I updated her sleep/food spreadshhet on the computer in the next room. I went back to check on her a couple minutes later, and she was almost doing the splits while sitting up. I'd forgotten that I'd put her on her back, so I just assumed she had gotten in that position while trying to reach for a toy. It took me a minute to realize that she'd done it by herself. I put her back on her back and ran upstairs to get my phone to call Damon, and she'd done it again by the time I got back! The second time, I thought to get my camera after calling Damon. I was too excited, so this was the only picture that was actually in focus.

UPDATE: Abby also cut her first tooth today! I was feeling her bottom gum for teeth, and was shocked to actually feel one. I check her constantly, because I'm obsessive like that, so I know it wasn't there yesterday. She won't let me look in there. Everytime I try, she sticks her tongue out to lick me. I did manage to get a little glimpse of the tooth. There is just a teeny bit sticking out right now, and it is sharp! This is just too much excitement for one day! Gee, I wonder why she only took a 45 minute nap this morning.

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Rachael said...

YAY!!! Go Abby! I rememeber when Gavi first did that. He was in his crib. It was weird because I came in and there he was sitting up. It actually scared me LOL.