Sunday, June 05, 2005

Blue Eyes

It seems blue eyes are more of a possibility than I thought. My mom informed that there are actually a bunch of people on her side with blue eyes. Two of my great-grandparents (grandma's parents) had them. My grandmother had 3 sisters, and all but one had them. The other had really light green eyes. There are also a whole bunch of cousins with them. It's interesting that if Abby does have blue eyes, she will have inherited them from her 1/4 Guatemalan side and not from her 3/4 American sides.


Anonymous said...

On my side of the family there are green and blue eyes, too. My dad's were green. I do not remember brown or hazel eyes in his family. Genetics are so interesting! I'll call my Aunt Ann Eddy and see if she remembers the eye colors of my grandparents.

Anonymous said...