Saturday, April 02, 2005

Good Night

Last night was a big success! Abby slept from 7:30pm to 6:15am in her crib, only waking up at 10pm and again at 2:30am. Awesome! I was going to do a "dream feed" at 10 anyway, but she beat me to it. When she woke up at 6:15, I changed and brought her into bed with us. We played for a while, then I nursed her and we all fell asleep. That is, until she kicked us out of bed. She thrashed around and kept waking us up until we gave up and got up. Now, she's sprawled across the bed sleeping like, well, like a baby. That girl is such a bed hog.

Damon and I didn't get much sleep. She is so noisy! When she's laying in the co-sleeper, we can pretty much sleep through her little peeps until she starts grunting and letting me know it's time to get up. In her crib, every little sigh or moan would keep us up. She did finally quiet down quite a bit after the 2am feeding, but before that it was impossible to sleep.

We did enjoy not having to tip-toe into our bedroom when we were ready to go to bed. We were able to turn on lights instead of walking in the dark and talk in regular voices. The best part was that we got to lay in bed and read! That was a luxury I've really missed since I love to read before bed. I haven't cracked open a book that wasn't for school or about babies since she was born.

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