Thursday, April 14, 2005

God help us Abby is now trying to roll over from back to front. She has been pushing off with her feet and lifting up her tushie for a while, but now when she does that she'll lift her shoulder and twist her body. She looks like a professional wrestler. Often, during a match, one guy will pin the other guy, but he’ll throw his shoulder up to keep the match going. Abby can get herself on her side now, but she gets frustrated because she can’t make it all the way over, so I help her out. Then, she gives me a look that says, “THIS is what I was trying to do? I don’t like being on my tummy. PUT ME BACK!”

She can also lift her head up now when she’s propped up on pillows on the bed. It’s pretty funny because she’ll bring her head forward in an attempt to sit up on her own, but she doesn’t have the strength to do it yet, so she ends up falling over to one side.


Rachael said...

She sure is growing up! That is awesome about her rolling. Gavin is the same way about his tummy. He'll roll and then yell at me like it's my fault he's on his tummy.

Brandi said...

That's funny. She doesn't like being on her tummy, so that's exactly what I'm thinking she'll do too.

Tel said...

yeah really cool awwwwwwwww

Susie and boys said...

Hi Baby Abby!
I can't beleive how big you are!
Brandi, did the clothes fit?? I loved the red/white/blue
How did she like her purple buhba? you can make it dance by hand or on its foot. I loved it..!
Well Hope you liked everything, and was useful, and of course some fun stuff too..ha
Oh ya, here is the Blog for Anthonys Baseball team. They are called the SW Iowa Salukis. Their first game is this saturday in Harlen and they are having a double header..Should be fun! Well here it is check it out.
Well I love you all, hope all is going well for you. Give Abby Loves and Kisses From all of us.